The street is not a trash bin!


We all saw piles of garbage on the streets that are left in the wind blow and we bet you thought even once why something isn’t done?

We believe that change has to come from you!
We live in a civilized country, yet why there is always garbage on our streets?

The answer is simple:
People do not understand what harmful effect on the environment has this bad habit that unfortunately so many people are practicing….

In the image shown above (Bacău City, Bacău County, Romania) there are arranged more garbage chutes but many people prefer to throw garbage next to them.

What would be the solution for this problem?

Although there are several bins are arranged throughout the city the trash does not seem to vanish from the streets. (Bacău City, Bacău County, Romania



We are planning to reward the right citizens. But this seems impossible because of the huge number of citizen our city has.

Our idea!

We propose that the city should be divided into districts and depending on which district is the cleanest the habitants will be rewarded.

For having a feed-back, we asked our school colleges in a questionnaire what was their opinion about our idea and we also asked them to make suggestions regarding the rewards. At the first question all the answers have been positive. Our colleges were sure about the success of such an idea. For the second question we wrote down some examples: 

The rewards the citizens can get are:

  • Vouchers at any shop
  • Travel and stay for the lucky one
  • Rewards in money
  • Popularity in public
  • Gifts and prizes

To continue with the solutions, we had another idea: to improve the education in schools about this subject. To have separated hours in which we can talk about the environmental issues and how we can solve them and at the end of the semester each school can create activities in which other citizen how and what to do with the garbage

Changing the mind of each citizen about the way they throw and recycle the trash always comes in the first place.
A trained citizen means a cleaner city!

Many people are watching TV where thousands and thousands of commercials are broadcasted every day for products of different companies.

However, we have not seen dissemination of advertisements that inform citizens about the effects of garbage on the environment.
We propose that television stations broadcast educational commercials, which have a strong impact after they have been watched.


The best way to recycle


If our idea about districts would be applied, we suggest that each district have on hand several recycling centers.


Every citizen will have access to a simple and rapid method of recycling garbage.


With this method we can monitor how much thrash is thrown in every district.

Another idea would be cleaning the town by the very citizens of each district.


Age category: 15-18 years

Name of Author: Lăiu Ştefan, Măriuţ Marian, Chiţeş Robert

Name ecoteam: FOREVER NATURE

Coordinator: Teacher Balint Simona

Communications Technical College “Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen” High School

Romania, county Bacau, locality Bacau



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